Application programming interface
Introduction to the API
We offer an application programming interface (API) to allow data from MANGO to be easily retrieved programmatically.
This service involves forming URLs sent to the server as a GET request. Server responses are returned as either HTML, XML or as text files (see different query methods below).

Query format
All field names and values need to be formatted into a URL, therefore they cannot contain spaces or special characters. Some have also been shortened for convenience. All field names and values are lower-case alphanumeric.
A list of field names and the possible values are described below.
Field name: pmid Value: A valid PubMedID.

Field name: geneid
Value: A valid mouse GeneID. The Entrez GeneID used in the current release of the MANGO database.
[Note: The GeneID is frozen at each MANGO release. If the GeneID for a gene changes between releases, it will not be updated in MANGO retrospectively.]

Process / Outcome
Field name: process
Value: Any of [proliferation | differentiation | migration | neuritogenesis | axonogenesis | dendritogenesis | maturation | survival | expression | numbers | function]

Cell stage / Marker
Field name: cellstage
Value: Any of [nc | pc | t0 | t1 | pg | t2a | lpg | t2b | t3 | nn | in | ein | lin | mn | brdu | dcx | cr | cb | astr | olig | gc ] according to the scheme below;
ncAdult neurogenic cell
t0Vertical astrocyte (Type 0)
t1Stem cell (Type 1)
t2aUndetermined progenitor (Type 2a)
lpgLate progenitor
t2bDetermined progenitor (Type 2b)
t3Neuroblast-like cell (Type 3)
nnNew neuron
inImmature neuron
einEarly immature neuron
linLate immature neuron
mnMature neuron
brduBrdU immunoreactive cell
dcxDoublecortin immunoreactive cell
crCalretinin immunoreactive cell
cbCalbindin immunoreactive cell
gcGranule cell neuron

Field name: effect
Value: Any of [positive | neutral | negative]

Field name: process
Value: Any of [exp | protmanip | genemanip] according to the scheme below;
expGene or protein expression
protmanipProtein manipulation
genemanipGene manipulation

Field name: species
Value: Any of [mouse | rat | guineapig | monkey]

Field name: type
Value: Any of [invivo | exvivo | invitro]

Expression filter
Field name: expression
Value: [true | false]
This option controls whether results are returned for the outcome field expression.
This is a special case to avoid swamping results with high-throughput microarray and RNA-Seq data which may not be relevant for the search.

Negative results filter
Field name: negatives
Value: [true | false]
This option controls whether ‘negative’ results are returned. Negative results are defined as absent (effect = negative) for the process/outcome expression or no change (effect = neutral) for all other processes.

Query construction
Queries are formed into a URL starting followed by field name/value pairs joined by the symbol = and separated by the symbol &. Multiple values can be selected for each field by supplying a comma-separated list.
[Note: Multiple values are ONLY allowed for XML and text file downloads - NOT for HTML-formatted result tables.]

Return types
HTTP results tables
These requests return a web page showing an ‘annotations’ table as seen when browsing the website normally. The results shown can be tuned using the search parameters as described above.

XML results tables
These requests return results from an ‘annotations’ database search as an XML document. The structure of the XML document is as follows;
<mango:resultset xmlns:mango="">

Text files
These requests return results from an ‘annotations’ database search as a tab-delimited text file.